FREE Eat Your Coffee Swag (refer friends)

by Laura Foxall on Nov 8,2018 - Comments Off on FREE Eat Your Coffee Swag (refer friends)


FREE Eat Your Coffee mug and lots of other prizes when you signup to their website and then, in turn, refer a few of your friends so they can signup too and you will get awarded prizes!   Soon, you’ll be able to shop Eat Your Coffee directly on our their website. Help Eat Your Coffee celebrate by spreading the word and you’ll earn prizes along the way! If you’re one of the top 3 referrers, you’ll win a FREE year supply of Eat Your Coffee Bars AND drinkable coffee, a Chemex Coffee Maker, a Handground Coffee Grinder, and more!

Here are the awards:

The Sampler – Sample Box & Stickers – 5 referrals

The Energizer – 8ct Variety Pack, Stickers, Tote Bag – 15 referrals

Fueled up – 15ct Variety Pack, Tote Bag, Socks, Stickers – 30 referrals

Coffee Fiend – Bag of coffee, Mug, Socks, 15ct Variety Pack, Stickers, Hat -50 referrals

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