500 Free Points on Listia

by MFPS on Oct 3,2011 - 1 Comment »

I just learned about this cool website called Listia from reader Tonya!  You can bid and auction things using points instead of money!

Pretty much if you have stuff you want to get rid of that’s in good condition still, you can post it! You earn points by posting stuff to auction. Then with those points you earn when your items sells (with points, not money) you can buy stuff you want!  It really is a pretty cool site!

Right now when you sign up, you’ll get 400 free points + 100 free points when you use my referral link!




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  1. James says:

    Just to let everyone know, I am an avid Listia user and have new auctions up every week. It’s incredible the sorts of things you can get on that site. As a couponer and overall deal grabbing person I have to say Listia is a great help. With all the free stuff I get from couponing, I put the majority on listia. In turn I get points to bid on things, for me, I primarily look for gift cards, that way everything that I need to buy from stores like walmart, target, etc., I can get for literally free.