25,000 Free Purina Cat Chow Perks Points

by MFPS Content Team on Mar 13,2018 - Comments Off on 25,000 Free Purina Cat Chow Perks Points

Update: There is a NEW survey available for 25,000 points! Woo-Hoo!

To access the survey: Log into your account, visit the ‘Activities’ section and then select the ‘Interact’ option. Scroll down to see if the new survey is available to you. Then just complete the survey to get 25,000 free points! The free 25K points may take up to 72 hours to apply to your account. *Note: This survey may not be available on all accounts.

Want to earn free cat swag? Then join Purina Cat Chow Perks and star earn points from activities. Then redeem those points for free items your cat will love! Get 10,000 free points just for joining! You can also add your birthday and connect your social accounts for more free points!

Once logged in click on ‘Activities’ for all the ways you can earn points. Then be sure to check out the ‘Rewards’ section to see all the swag you could score for free! *Remember, you can only add 2 codes per month, so if you already entered two this month you can’t enter more until next month.


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