Double-Wall Vacuum Insulated Growler The Star Wars Edition only $15.49 (32 oz) or $20.48 (64 oz) with FREE Shipping! Star Wars fan or not, this is a CRAZY good deal on a double walled growler! Also makes a great gift! Great for beer of course, but for many other things as well!

The Vacuum Insulated Growler from Zak! Designs is the adult Star Wars fan’s answer to beverages on the go! Made of durable powder coated stainless steel and badged with official Star Wars graphics; it is built with double wall construction so it will keep carbonated drinks fresh longer and will maintain the temperature of hot or cold beverages longer as well. With the lid on the growler, loosen the stainless top cap to easily pour a drink. Remove the lid from the growler all together for a wide mouth opening that makes filling a breeze. Turn the lid upside down and use it as a cup. Remove the stainless top cap and invert the lid for a handy funnel for precise filling. The insulated construction will keep your drinks hot or cold but you won’t feel it on the exterior of the growler. The sweat-proof design prevents condensation, protecting surfaces from moisture damage.

Product Features
64oz or 32oz Vacuum Insulated Growler with multi functional lid featuring Star Wars graphics; the perfect way to bring and serve your beverage of choice
Incredibly versatile, leak-proof lid has removable top cap for easy pouring, can be removed for easy re-filling or use it as a cup or a funnel
Double Wall insulation keeps drinks hot or cold longer; sweat-proof design prevents condensation
Stainless steel lining prevents bacterial growth & won’t hold flavor from previous contents
All plastic parts are BPA-free; hand washing is recommended

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