FREE Kindle eBooks: Humor & Entertainment

by MFPS Team on Mar 20,2017 - Comments Off on FREE Kindle eBooks: Humor & Entertainment

If you’re looking for a good dose of laughter , then here are some FREE Kindle Books on humor and entertainment.

Ultimate memes

MEMES: Ultimate by Fun Factory

This book contains over 1000 pages of memes! I’ve gathered here the best memes on the internet for you to easily browse in one place.
It's not my favourite

It’s Not My Favorite by Rue

A riveting and humorous exploration of love, secrets, and sisterhood, It’s Not My Favorite is the poignant story of two sisters who discover they must confront their past, let go of their religious guilt, and summon everything in their power to escape their arrested development.

Wednesday by Steven Evans

 Among the young scholars on the first day of seventh grade, Lakshmi Pardeshi — better known as Lash — befriends a fascinating girl named Wednesday, who claims she can control people with her mind.
cut the cord

Cut the Cord: Break free by Andrew Moore-Crispin

 Cutting the cord means saying goodbye to the monthly cable bill. It doesn’t mean saying goodbye to the channels, live events and shows that you love, though. It’s about smarter TV, not necessarily less TV.

Challenger RPG by David Dostaler

This is a pen and paper tabletop roleplaying game, not a computer game. If you’re looking for one of those, I’m afraid you’ll have to look elsewhere. I highly recommend the dungeon-crawling German rogue-like “Lost Labyrinth” which is free to download and a purely awesome game.

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