Amazon FREE Kindle eBooks: Wine Recipes

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Here are some recipes on making wine at Home. These Books are from Amazon Kindle and are available for FREE for a while:

The 30 Minute Wine Expert

The 30 Minute Wine Expert by Michael Sullivan:

In “The 30-Minute Wine Expert” You’ll learn:
Reds, Whites, and Other Varieties – what you need to know so you can easily talk about the types of wines like a sommelier (your friends will be jealous). The secret to reading wine labels and understanding the important information.


Easy Pairing Wine Guide

Easy Pairing Wine Guide by Daniel Butler:

Easy-to-Understand Wine Pairing Guide focused on increasing knowledge and providing food pairing options to compliment wines from all regions of the World!


Craft Beer Cocktails At Home

Craft Beer Cocktails At Home by Nick Martin:

This book was created by craft beer drinkers, for craft beer drinkers. Mixologists across North America are coming up with some awesome craft beer cocktails, so we wanted to introduce you to some of the very best drink recipes.


Booze for BabesTM

Booze for BabesTM by Kayleigh Kulp:

Booze for Babes™ is a must-have manual for the lady who loves good food but is not yet spirits-savvy. Author Kayleigh Kulp empowers all tipplers to buy, drink and serve better liquor in a fun but non-pandering way while celebrating female distillers, bartenders and spirits experts.


Nicholas Faith's 2015 guide

Nicholas Faith’s 2015 guide to cognac by Nicholas Faith:

Nicholas Faith’s 2015 Guide to Cognac is a directory supplement to Nicholas’s best-selling book Cognac: The story of the world’s greatest brandy, winner of the Veuve Clicquot award in the US and the Deinhard/Wine Magazine award in the UK. The second edition won the André Simon prize, Britain’s premier wine and spirit writing prize.




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