Sales To Look For In September

by MFPS Team on Sep 1,2015 - Comments Off on Sales To Look For In September

Sales To Look For In September

As summer ends and schools begin. Labor Day and end-of-summer sales begin.  Here are the some of the items you will find on sale in Setember, knowing the retail trends will help you in getting some good deals.


With Sept. 29 being designated both national and international coffee day, your favorite coffee spot will most likely be offering discounts, free goodies and upgrades on drinks.  Give the grill a Labor day send off with some some flavourful and economic burgers and chicken.  September marks the “peak harvest season” for grapes.


  • School Supplies – All the overstocked back-to-school items that didn’t get purchased” is available after Labor Day at a discount.
  • Patio Furniture and Accessories –  September “is a huge month for any outdoor furniture.
  • Camping Equipment – It is a good time to stock up on tents, sleeping bags and other outdoor gear
  • Perennials, shrubs and trees – This is a great time for working in the yard and landscaping.
  • Ceiling fans – look for ENERGY STAR fans that are about 50% more energy efficient.

Produce In Season

Apples,Artichokes,Blackberries,Blueberries,Broccoli,Cabbage,Cauliflower,Carrots,Chile Peppers,Cucumber,Curly Kale,Figs,French Beans,Garlic
Horseradish,Leeks,Lettuce,Mushrooms,Nectarines,New Potatoes,Peaches,Pears,Plums,Pumpkins,Red Onions,Spinach,Squash,Sweet Corn,

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