So you’re new here and you’ve got some questions about how our site works eh?  I hope you’ll find some answers below!  Make sure to watch my video explaining how everything works as well! :)

Q. What is My Free Product Samples?

A. We are a website dedicated (intense word right, but we really are dedicated) to finding the best free stuff and awesome deals available out there! The site started in 2007 and has grown and grown. It’s our passion to find deals and help other people get them! We LOVE hearing about the deals and freebies you get as well and meeting all of our readers, so don’t be shy!

Q. How do I order the deals you post?

In each post there will be a link saying something  “GET YOUR FREE SAMPLE NOW!” or “PRINT YOUR COUPON HERE!”  Simply click those links. This will lead you to the website of the company giving away the sample. From there, fill out the necessary requirements to get your free sample!

Q. Where do I have to live to get the deals you post?

A. Currently, My Free Product Samples is only posting deals available to people living in the United States.  We’re hoping to expand to other countries in the future.

Q. Are the deals you post a scam?

A. Nope, absolutely not! It takes time to go through all of the offers online but we personally sign up for and order ever offer we post to make sure they are real offers for you.
P.S. Check out post here for how to avoid spam offers!

Q. Who runs this site and how do you find all the deals?

We have a team working round the clock keeping this website up-to-date and jam packed with anything that’s free or a sweet deal!  We searches the internet and follow hundreds of deal sites and forums!

Check out this short video explaining how the site works!