UPDATE 1/2: Have you checked your Bzz Agent account lately? I’d missed a few weeks and had a TON of surveys to fill out and 2 new offers I qualified for!! :)

I talk about BzzAgent.com in a lot of my videos, but just realized I have  never done a post about them! Have you joined BzzAgent yet? If you LOVE getting FREE stuff in the mail, you’re gonna love BzzAgent!

BzzAgent is a word of mouth company. As an agent, you’ll receive FREE products to test so that you can “buzz” around and spread the word about these new products by letting people know how good – or bad they are. Most of the time, you’ll get additional FREE copuons to pass out to friends and neighbors, so that they’ll have a chance to test out these new products as well!

Once you sign up, Look under “My BzzAgent” then “My Surveys.”  Fill out as many surveys as you can right now! The more surveys you fill out, the better chance you have at getting to review a product for free!


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  1. Linda says:

    I am PROUD to be a Buzz Agent , i’ve tested Makeup Maybaleene 24 stay on lipstick ( i got two colors) , a sonicare tooth brush The WHOLE SYSTEM , the brush the Charger and 2 extra brush heads ), make up remover and refreshing cloths , High heel comfort insoles , Candy , and for things i have not got samples of i’ve gotten coupons for a free product , and coupons to give out that are not just a .50cent off coupong but 3.00 off etc .. it’s GREAT .. I really recomend it , make sure you give them all your REAL information , your phone # .. Email etc , because they do ask for compleat honesty , and when telling people about it , or giving out coupons , be proud to tell them your a Buzz agent (it’s also something the company asks of you , they want to get the product out there , and they want there name out there so there are more agents out there to help , you wont get Every single campain , and you might see campanins that are going on that you really wish you had gotten , but keep trying , fill out all surveys! be honest , dont say you’ve got 3 kids in hopes you get more stuff , make sure your 100% honest , and you will have a Leader that will review your comments you make and help you every step of the way , they will also comment on your reviews , telling you how you can inprove your reviews ect .. But this is something i really recomend ,, it’s fun , and exciting when you see you have a Campain invite in your email box !!

  2. DeeJ says:

    Me tooo I love BzzAgent

  3. DeLois Lunsford says:

    My grandson just turned 13 and I noticed a little mustach hair. lol Would love this for him.

  4. Kat Petelle says:

    haven’t heard of this before will have to check it out

  5. Linda says:

    Oh Kat I totaly recomend it , it’s not a Full time job or anything that even takes up much of your time or anything you need to be on your computer 24/7 … maybe 2 or 3 times a week , check the site , fill out some of there surveys to help you get your profile up to date to they can have you entered into product “Buzzes” that will be things you’ll use/be intrested in … but even thoes surveys are short .. and you sometimes get Mypoints points for answering some of them …. for anyone who dosent know MYPOINTS it’s a AWESOME SITE … you collect points for just doing clickthu links in the emails they send you , sometimes points for surverys , and also if you shop online , you can get Xamount of points per $ for shops like Old Navy , Target , Bath and Body works , etc .. and when you collect your points you can “cash” them in for things like 10$ bk/starbucks gift cards , donations in your name to .. the red cross, World Wild life foundation , a few other places i belive I’ve gotten a 50$ Visa gift card ,but the higher points the more $ gift cards you can get … and you can get , paypal,gift cards.. I tunes, walmart … allot … you can save your points as long as you like , and they never expire , you get points for refering friends to .. Have fun !!

  6. Thea24 says:

    OK, I just signed up. I hope this is great. Freebies always sound good. I hope my email doesn’t blow up with spam though.

  7. CatherineKelly says:

    how does this buzz agent work ive signed up for it but dont under stand the site can someone help me please

  8. JessicaMcKinseyCoggins says:

    The iPhone app works really well. Just got my first campaign with them.

  9. susanvaldes67 says:

    Just got invited to their Glade campaign.  I have been with them for three years and am really pleased with them.  Even when I received one item while my mom got sick and I forgot to post, they didn’t drop me, instead they took a long time to send me another invite.  Since I have been back I have gotten many invites.  

  10. AnniHinojosa says:

    got a glade invte have been with them 4 a month i think :)

  11. AlyssaHamilton says:

    I’ve been with this company for about 4 months now and I have been invited to the Unreal candy campaign and the Glade campaign. I just received the coupons in the mail the other day for the Unreal candy. I can’t wait to receive the Glade products!!!!

  12. LeahThompson says:

    I am so happy to be a BzzAgent. I am currently on my second champaign, and being able to test products and post reviews is a lot of fun. With the Covergirl 2in 1 foundation & Olay pressed powder, they gave me a big handful of awesome coupons to give to friends and family. I am waiting for my Glade package to arrive. Candles, and defusers should be included. Check them out, you won’t be sorry! https://www.bzzagent.com/index.jsp

  13. Aylaeh says:

    i have been a bzzagent for a couple of years.  i have been so excited lately because i am getting so many more campaigns than i used to!  just recently i was asked to join the lean cuisine salad additions, redbox instant, kelloggs crunchy nut cereal, perdue chicken, morningstar farms campaings…  and those are just the ones i’ve been invited to in the last month or so!!