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Friday Freebies with Cher ~ June 21, 2013

by MFPS on Jun 21,2013 - Comments Off

Hurray! I actually had time to get ready and show everyone the freebies I’ve gotten over the past 3 weeks! So sorry my videos haven’t been happening as much! Baby Dax is a full time job and I’m now starting to realize it! Lol

How did you guys do this week? Post your pics and videos on our Facebook page here!

Friday Freebies with Cher ~ May 31, 2013

by MFPS on May 31,2013 - Comments Off

Wow! As I sat down to do today’s Friday Freebie video, I seriously couldn’t believe it was Friday again! I sure wasn’t complaining lol I LOVE holiday weeks for that reason! Let me know how all of you did on freebies this week!

Sorry gang, I don’t have time to list out where all of my freebies came from this week right now. I’ll try to do it later tonight! :)


Heya gang!!  Who’s excited for the Holiday weekend?!! ME!! I AM! :) Lol Here’s my freebies for the week! I love hearing what you guys got so make sure to comment below!



I had a super slow week! I’m pretty sure a lot of my samples are still going to  my old address. So I invited Dax to be in the video to spice things up! :) I hope you guys had a better week than I did, let me know! 

Ahhhh! I did my video on Friday and just today, Monday, I realized I forgot to do a post about it!! DUH!  I’m so excited to finally have some time make a Friday Freebie video! This last month has been a bit of a world wind and my freebies were lost in between moving addresses. But I’m happy to report after 1 month I have a pretty sweet haul!  

I’m not going to be able to link everything back to the post where I got it because I’m running out of time today and really want to get the video posted!  If I have time, I’ll come back and do it.

I just wanted to say thanks to all the wonderful readers who left comments and sent emails of love about missing me, the Friday freebie video, and encouragement on moving! You guys are the best and I’m the luckiest! :)


Friday Freebies with Cher ~ March 29, 2013

by MFPS on Mar 29,2013 - Comments Off

Is it already the end of March?! So crazy how fast time goes by! We’ve actually sold our house and are moving about 4 hours away from here! So it’s been a little crazy and I haven’t been online much. So sadly my freebie haul today is proof of that! But I got all full sized products today so I’m not complaining! :)



Friday Freebies with Cher ~ March 22, 2013

by McKenzie on Mar 22,2013 - Comments Off

Things have been pretty crazy at my house this week! We’ve sold our house and are moving in just a few weeks! So I haven’t had much time on the computer to order my freebies and enter sweepstakes! But I still had a pretty fun week! Let me know how you guys all did!




Friday Freebies with Cher… and Dax Man! March 9, 2013

by MFPS on Mar 8,2013 - Comments Off

I had one of the slowest freebie weeks I’ve ever had! :( So I had to spice up the video by bringing in a cute little stud as my guest star! This is my baby boy Dax! He’s almost 8 months old and he’s a little handful! He crawls around, pulls himself up and loves it when I hold his hands so he can walk around! We simply adore this little man!




Friday Freebies with Cher ~ March 1, 2013

by McKenzie on Mar 1,2013 - Comments Off

Today’s video is nice and long because I missed last week! But I had some great freebies, pretty high value ones! How did everyone else do? Did you check out our re-cap of the freebies available in February here?