2 FREE Sample from Miss Jessies

by Makenna on Jul 9,2012 - 10 Comments »

UPDATE  1/28: 2 Free Samples are available again! (IF you weren’t able to get them last time)

Miss Jessies is offering up to three free sample of their haircare products. Choose from: Curly Meringue, Baby Buttercreme, Curly Buttercreme, Crème de la Curl Shampoo, Crème de la Crème Conditioner, Super Sweetback Treatment and Curly Pudding.


1. Click here to go to the website
2. Add 2 samples to your cart! (After each one, just click “Continue Shopping” to take you back to the sample screen)
3. If you are a new customer click “Continue” under the New Customer Tab
4. Follow instructions as normal
5. When it asks for a credit card #, use  16 0′s (zeros) and any expiration date and security code # and it will work fine! *It will configure free shipping on its own

10 Responses

  1. labellasammy says:

    i put my credit card info. does anybody know if i might get charged in the future?

    • Cher_Owner says:

       @labellasammy No, I think you’re totally fine. It even gives you a pop up window saying your card will not be billed. Did you see the instructions in the post that putting all “0′s” in for your credit card would have worked as well?

      • labellasammy says:

         @Cher_Owner Thanks Cher!
        I did see the post, but the thing is that i had ordered this sample one day ago, and it didn’t mention anything about the “0′s”. But thank you for letting me know i wont be charged :D

      • ChloeFeilds says:

         @Cher_Owner can you give an example for me? Like the 16 zeros… please [;

  2. MariaMRiveraRosevelt79 says:

    Very simple to do..My curly hair thanks you!!!..:)

  3. thelaxplaya7 says:

    It looks like its only 2 free samples as of 8/10/12

  4. RosaArcade says:

    WHOA!!!!  It didn’t configure the shipping to be free. They want to charge me $99.47 for shipping!!!!  My other option was $105.22 …?