Free Health Samples

Find free health samples from your favorite grocery stores, retail stores and wholesale retailers both online and offline. We search the web everyday to find free health items and samples for you. Treat yourself to some surprise samples and test products for free! Life is expensive, so do not miss any free health samples out there!


If you looking to stay in shape, grab a FREE Allmax Nutrition Workout Supplement Sample today! Simply fill out the form to get your FREEBIE! Also you’ll get exclusive offers, more product samples, and insider information about their latest products!


FREE Excedrin Migraine Samples

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FREE Excedrin Migraine Samples

This free sample is still available. You can request for FREE Excedrin Migraine Samples. You will need to fill in a form to get 2 free sample packets.

Free PEScience High Volume Sample

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Free PEScience High Volume Sample

You can request for a Free PEScience High Volume Sample. You will need to scroll down and like or follow PEScience to get this free sample.

Free LUNA Kids Gentle & Safe Sleep Aid Sample

You can request for a Free LUNA Kids Gentle & Safe Sleep Aid Sample. After you receive your bottle for free, you’ll have 14 days to try out LUNA Kids and write your honest feedback in a review. 

FREE Atkins Quick-Start Kit

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Sign up for a FREE Atkins quick-start kit, including a carb counter and a printable BOGO coupon to get any Atkins product of equal or lesser value for free.

FREE Zing Zero Stevia Sweetener Sample

Experience the perfect taste  without a funny aftertaste. You can request for a a  FREE  Zing Zero Stevia Sweetener Sample.  You will need to fill out a form and they will send you a free sample and a $1.50 coupon.

FREE Morton Salt Water Test Strips

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FREE Morton Salt Water Test Strips

Stains on your laundry? Film on your glasses? You may have hard water. Find out by ordering a free water test strip today.

Morton Salt will send you a water test strip to help you find out if you have any hard water issues. You can request for FREE Morton Salt Water Test Strips.

Just run the test strip under water to evaluate your water hardness.


FREE EpiPen Carrying Cases

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FREE EpiPen Carrying Cases

You can get Free EpiPen Carrying Cases when you join the My EpiPen Program. Simply head over to their site and fill out the form. Enter your address in the second page then confirm your email to complete your request

FREE Breathe Right Nasal Strips Samples

This freebie is still available. You can request for  Breathe Right® nasal strips for free. You will need to fill out forms to get a free sample of Breathe Right Extra® Clear. The free sample will arrive in 1 to 2 weeks.

Free Animal Whey Protein Sample

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animal whey

You can get a Free Animal Whey Protein Sample. You will need to scroll down and like or follow the Animal Pak Team to get your free Animal Whey sample!

Free Propeller Health Sensor for Inhalers

You can request for a Free Propeller Health Sensor for InhalersPropeller is a sensor + software system that uses breakthrough, FDA-cleared technology to make living with Asthma and COPD simpler.


Free Zecuity Migraine Kit

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You can request for a Free Zecuity Migraine Kit when you sign up. The free kit containing an eye mask and earplugs, along with a savings offer and ZECUITY information, to help give you extra support when the storm of migraine hits.

Culturelle Pro-Well 3-in-1 Complete Formula

Quickly sign up to see if you are one of the first people to try a FREE package of NEW Culturelle Pro-Well 3-in-1 Complete Formula!




Help raise awareness around the importance of blood donation. Pledge to give blood or support blood donation and you can get a Free Limited Edition Nexcare Give Bandages.



FREE Adrafinil Capsules

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Adrafinil is a Eugeroic agent to increase alertness and wakefulness. Get a Free Sachet of 2 – 300mg capsules. Select Free Sachet and add to cart then check out. Free Shipping is included!

FREE Adrafinil Capsules

FREE Ningxia Red Sample!

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Ningxia Red

Simply fill a form out and they will send you a FREE Ningxia Red Sample! Samples come in a 1 oz. Ningxia Red packet. 




You can get a Free  Advil Film Coated Samples from Target Sample Spot! To get this freebie, simply head over to their site, answer the brief 6 question survey then fill in your mailing address and your sample packet will be on the way in 3-5 weeks.

FREE Sample of Advil Film-Coated Tablets

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Fast acting Advil Film-Coated tablets have a Rapid Release Formula which goes to work in minutes on tough pain. It dissolves quickly and absorbs fast to help stop pain before it gets worse.

Get a FREE Sample HERE