Free Kindle eBooks: Romance

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It’s no secret that romance novels have appealed to us for decades. The fact that love stories are still being read I guess shows shows us that the world is far less cynical than one might think.

Here are some Free Kindle eBooks on romance at Amazon:

 Indigo Fire

Indigo Fire by Vickie McKeehan

 Three brothers, Jackson, Mitch, and Garret Indigo are summoned back home to tiny Indigo Key by their mother. Their sister has gone missing along with her husband and two kids. But the mystery only deepens when they learn a visitor to the town has also disappeared.
smile for me

Smile for Me: Multiracial by Jan Thompson

 A deadline-driven workaholic assistant school principal who meticulously plans his schedule months in advance meets an easygoing art teacher and studio potter with no sense of time, living her life as the seasons come and go. When they cross paths again at the Summer by the Sea Day Camp sponsored by his church in Nassau, Bahamas, how can they get along if they cannot see eye to eye?
 nearness of u

The Nearness of You by Iris Morland

 Fall in love with THE THORNTONS, a family filled with sexy alpha males, passionate women, and lots of heart, all set in a delightful small town in the Pacific Northwest. Each book in the series is connected but can be read as a standalone.

 Chills by Heather Boyd

 Introducing Chills, the first installment of the Distinguished Rogues series. Bestselling regency romance author, Heather Boyd, brings readers a lively tale of reckless spending, fraudulent correspondence, and the humorous twists and turns of falling for the right rogue.
paige's turn

Paige’s Turn by Jennifer Peel

 With the encouragement of her beloved Aunt Mitzi, plain and overlooked Paige James left her hometown of Bella Port ten years ago and never looked back. But free-spirited Aunt Mitzi had plans for Paige to stop being pushed into the background. Those plans included leaving Paige as sole heir to her fortune and owner of her bookstore, Paige’s Turn.

Star FREE Digital Magazine

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Reader's Circle: Free Books When You Register Your Book Club

You can get Free books from Reader’s Circle, they like to surprise their book club leaders and members with free books in the mail from time to time.

You will need to register your book club today so you can receive free books that you’ll love to talk about with your reading group!

Free Kindle eBooks: References

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If you think reference books are still important and the need for good reference information has never been greater: not only for the ‘who, what, when, and how’, but for the trusted guidance and instant connection to the best deeper research.

Here are some Free Kindle Reference eBooks:


Say It like by Tom Leech

 This new edition of McGraw-Hill’s original widely-praised book provides a tuneup for enhancing communications success in business and personal worlds. As the Bard of Avon put it 4+ centuries ago “No man is lord of anything ‘til he communicate his parts to others.” 
 five senses

Meditation: Five Senses by Marta Tuchowska

You are just about to discover how to revolutionize your health & life with meditation and start experiencing its astonishing benefits for a balanced lifestyle.

life changing habits

Life Changing Habits by Mark Snyder

 There are no such things as big changes. Everything is a process; a series of small changes in a consistent direction. Once you realize this, you have the power to change almost anything in your life.
wedding bouquets


Wedding Bouquets by Sam Siv

 If you want to be a picture-perfect bride, then it is important for you to plan the details of the look you want to achieve. This book contains proven steps and strategies that will help you choose the perfect bridal bouquet for your wedding! 
encyclopedia of our planet

Encyclopedia of our planet by Natali Rosman

Earth is the third of nine planets in our solar system . Its surface is mostly water (about 70%), and it has a moderately dense nitrogen and oxygen atmosphere that supports life. Rich in ironand nickel, Earth is a dense, molten oblate sphere with a solid core and a thin outer crust . 

Love Survey – RewardBee

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Free Grey Poupon Recipe Booklet

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Free Grey Poupon Recipe Booklet

You can request for a Free Grey Poupon Meals Made Easy Recipe Booklet!  You will need to call 1-888-476-8766, this is an automated call. Wait until after they give their website address and then follow the prompts to leave your name and mailing details. Your Free recipe booklet will be sent within 7 – 10 days.

If you’re looking for a good dose of laughter this weekend, then here are some FREE Kindle Books on humor and entertainment.


Le Guide Officiel To by Muriel DEMARCUS

 So you think you that you understand what being British is about? Dear oh dear. I urge you to think again. Little things can betray you, this much I know.
Lady Justice

Lady Justice And Dr. by Robert Thornhill

 In Lady Justice And Dr. Death, a series of terminally ill patients are found dead under circumstances that point to a new Dr. Death practicing euthanasia in the Kansas City area.
Dear internet

Dear Internet: It’s Me Avery by Jennifer Ammoscato

 Don’t try to tell me that you’ve never checked that weird mole on your thigh on WebMD. Or how to fold meringue on Epicurious.
eve's hungry

Eve’s Hungry by Mackay Bell

Dr. Eve Zachara, a smart, sexy, tech executive and expert in martial arts, is on a mission to save the world from total annihilation. In the future, the fight between Apple and Google has grown into a deadly world war. Corporate fighter jets roar over the deserts of Central Asia, machine guns blast in the jungles of Africa and, high above the planet, vast battles are waged by opposing space fleets.
dazed and divorced

Dazed & Divorced by Carol Maloney Scott

 It’s been almost twenty years since Claire met her ex in high school, and now she finds herself thrust into the dating world for the first time as an adult, armed with little more than confusion and lack of experience. Not only is Ron the only man she’s ever been with, she’s also coping with the loss of her fertility, and if she goes on one more hideous blind date – possibly her mind. 

Free Family Circle Magazine Subscription


You can request for a Free Family Circle Magazine Subscription from Value Mags. Login in if you have an account, or you can create a new account to get this Free Sample.

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Family Circle magazine is edited for contemporary women with families and provides information on a variety of modern issues. Its feature articles focus on financial planning, food, health, beauty, fashion, planning family activities and helpful “how-to” tips

Every one should have a basic understanding about how to invest and manage their money. Books can be the solution to many of your greatest challenges in business.

Here are a list of FREE Kindle eBooks on Business and Investing:

 get that job

Get That Job by Thea Kelley

When you’re interviewing in today’s competitive job market you need to stand out – for the right reasons. Canned answers won’t work, nor will “winging it.” You need to be both authentic and strategic to convince the employer you’re “the one.”
way of achievers

The Way of Achievers by Maitha Alshamsi

 It is time to leave your fears and doubts behind and embrace the way of achievers. If you are looking to become financially free, succeed and achieve your goals, and/or start your own business, then this book is for you.
destiny roadmap

The Destiny Roadmap by Kelli Reese

Many of us have moments where we feel unfulfilled, but how do we know when to stop shoving the discomfort aside and courageously answer the call to do something else?
agile ceo

The Agile CEO by Michelle Lowbridge

 As the global economy buckles up for a bumpy ride, you’re under more pressure than ever. Keeping everyone happy – customers, employees, investors, shareholders – is way more than a full-time job. 
power over the pillow

POWER OVER THE by Stephen Toroni

Have you ever had dreams and goals of what you would like to do or accomplish only to have them fizzle after just a few weeks of working on them? Maybe you have told someone that you were going to achieve something and then never accomplish it, feeling foolish and discouraged. 

Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program: Earn A Free Book

The Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program is here to encourage kids to read books of your own choosing and earn a FREE book.

Here is how:

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 3. Choose your free reading adventure from the book list featured on the back of the journal.

FREE Nursery Guide From Baby’s Dream Furniture, Inc!

You can request for a FREE 36-page Nursery Guide from Baby’s Dream Furniture, Inc! The design experts at Baby’s Dream have teamed up with customers to compile the design guide for expectant women who want to create a perfect home environment for baby.

This Guide answers typical design hurdles, such as dealing with space constraints, creating unisex nursery, personalizing the room, and much more.


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You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read with a child.” – Dr. Seuss

FREE Prayer and Worship Guide Subscription

Get this FREE Subscription Prayer and Worship Guide from The Heart of the Nation. Seven issues per year to follow along during the Heart of the Nation’s Catholic Mass as well as seasonal prayers and reflections. Allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

FREE Copy of Pilot's Guide to Avionics

You can request a FREE Copy of the Pilot’s Guide to Avionics to be mailed to you in the USA only. You can also download past versions at their site.

FREE Food Safety for Pregnant Women

Get the do’s and do not’s in food safety for pregnant women. Food safety is important for everyone – but it’s especially important for pregnant women. This downloadable pdf “FREE Food Safety for Pregnant Women” will make food safety and good nutrition as simple as possible for you for the next nine months.

Some books can change our life, but health books have the ability to change our lifestyle habits. Do check these FREE Kindle health and fitness books for some informative and inspiring, tips for yoga, eat healthy and stay healthy.

get abs

HOW TO GET ABS by Oswin Dacosta

This book will cover a variety of concepts that will teach you how to eliminate fat build up over your stomach in the most practical way. You will learn how to melt fat and become more toned and ripped in your stomach region in no time at all.
epsom salt

Epsom Salt: The Magic by C. Kancel

 An all round substance that might just be available at your next door grocery store. Discovered in a small English town and easy, cheap and highly rewarding to use, Epsom salt is here to vibrate your body, skin and soul with life. 
101 essential oil recipes

101 Essential Oils Recipes by Ann Sullivan

With this essential oils guide, you will get all the everyday recipes you need in order to live your life safely with essential oils.


Fermentation by Indiana Standfield

 Are You Ready To Discover EVERYTHING You Need To Know To About Fermentation? Here is the ultimate guide to fermentation.
Ti[s for a more natural life
Tips for a More Natural by Penelope Hoyt
Are you ready to start pursuing a more holistic, natural life? Natural living is easier than ever with these tried-and-true tips. You don’t need a thousand how-to guides to help you get started: you just need this one.

FREE Take Care of Texas Sticker

FREE Take Care of Texas Sticker for Texas Residents. Texans, you can Take the Pledge and get a FREE Texas Parks & Wildlife State Park Guide and a FREE sticker!

FREE Rosary Guide Booklet

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FREE Rosary Guide Booklet

The Rosary is the Great Weapon of the 21st Century. Sister Lucia, the eldest seer of Fatima, said that in these times the Blessed Mother has granted even greater power to the Rosary. She said, “there is no problem, however difficult, whether temporal or spiritual; no problem in the life of families, religious communities, or the life of nations, that cannot be solved by the Rosary.” Get your FREE booklet to help you pray the Rosary like St. Louis de Montfort.



Here are some interesting books FREE Kindle eBooks for your children.

Buzzy Thomas

Buzzy and Thomas by Vicki Tashman

 It’s 1801 and life is good for Buzzy the dog. She lives with Thomas Jefferson at Monticello, but her life turns upside down when Thomas tells her that they’re moving to the President’s House. Buzzy doesn’t want to move. 
Mardi Gras Chase

The Mardi Gras Chase by Maggie M. Larche

Twelve-year-old Melanie is bored with her little sister and with yet another Mardi Gras in her hometown. But when she notices a secret code built into the floats of a Mardi Gras parade, she realizes that life might have some surprises left.


Maze: A Sci-fi Novella by Tony Bertauski

 Memories wiped, their bodies each dropped into a tank. Their consciousness thrown into the Maze—a virtual reality where anyone is anything and anywhere. Battles are fought, riddles are solved. To win a lifetime of riches one has to escape the Maze. First, they have to remember who they are.
 golden wood

The Bridge of the Golden Wood by Karl Beckstrand

A child with a knack for solving problems helps some hungry fish and finds a treasure. Illustrated folk tale teaches how to spot opportunities to help others and make money; comes with ideas for businesses; money-making activities; and online resources on finding customers, managing money, job ideas and moving up in an organization.
 the wonderful roundabout

The Wonderful Roundabout by Mandy Olina

The Wonderful Roundabout is a collection of illustrated short stories for children, meant to inspire little ones to be kind, brave and curious. Each story is split into parts of approximately 500 words, so they can be easily read at bedtime. They are suitable for children over 5 years of age as the narratives may be too complex for those younger.  



FREE Educational Resource- Computing Life

You can request this FREE science book Computing Life. Available as a PDF download or you can order FREE printed copies from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS)

This resource covers:

  • With computing advances, scientists uncover new details about diseases, drug treatments, and even crimes.
  • Researchers combine real data and computer models to diagram everything from how cells move to how hearts beat.
  • Scientists harness computers, even ones in your home, to study biological molecules critical to human health.
  • See how scientists animate biological processes, thrusting you into never-before-seen worlds.
  • Combining chemistry and computers helps scientists develop new medicines and new materials.
  • Read about the different types of scientists and other people who are computing life and find out how you can get involved, too.
  • Scientists create virtual worlds to study how contagious diseases could spread through your hometown.
  • Learn about other recent findings in basic biomedical research that take advantage of computing.

Be sure to review the FREE posters, books, and publications also available from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) website here.