It’s rightly said ‘Self Help is the best help’. Every morning it really rejuvenates my mind to come across something positive and motivational. Hence these books really caught my eye. Just check out these FREE Self Help books from Amazon Kindle which are truly an inspiring read.

24 Hour Mindfulness

24 Hour Mindfulness by Rohan Gunatillake:

A fresh new take on modern meditation, 24 Hour Mindfulness shows what it might be like to bring awareness, calm and kindness to wherever we are and whatever we are doing. Written by Rohan Gunatillake, one of the world’s most creative voices in mindfulness and meditation, this eBook short presents sixteen portable exercises to help us keep in touch with the present moment, even during the busiest of days.


Daily Habits

Daily Habits: How To Win Your Day by Prashanth Savanur:

Inside the pages of How To Win Your Day,details on how to conquer each day in your life with more peacefully, embrace your victories and challenges with gratitude,use your will power to overcome those challenges and accomplish all of this with the right attitude. How To Win Your Day can help you take actionable steps to living a better, more fulfilling and successful life.


Stand Out

Stand Out: The Ridiculously Simple Guide to Standing Out in Your Career by Jordan Raynor:

In Stand Out, best-selling author Jordan Raynor uses his comical and casual writing style to argue that the answer to this question is ridiculously simple: be kind and be competent. As Raynor tells young employees at his companies, “You can’t imagine how low the bar is for you to be successful in this world.”


How to Make Friends and Become Successful

How to Make Friends and Become Successful by Julian X. Alexander:

Are you looking for a book…
1. That lists step-by-step, quick-fix tips to succeed in life?
2. That recounts stories of people more successful than you?
3. That confides in you the “secrets of life” (that can also be found on Google)?
4. That comforts you during lengthy road trips or bathroom breaks?
Well you’ve come to the wrong place. This is not your conventional self-help book.
In fact, this is the self-help book to end all other self-help books.


Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation Techniques by Stephen L Hunter:

You’re about to discover how to relax and unwind in the easiest and most enjoyable ways. No doubt you are busy and stressed a lot of the time. You need easy and enjoyable ways to incorporate quality downtime in your life that leave you relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. In this book are the best of what modern science has to offer on the subject of calming, soothing relaxation as well as some tried and true methods passed down from the ancients. You’ll be relaxed and feeling more like yourself in no time at all, no matter how busy, fraught or strapped for time you currently are. Relaxation is one of the most important factors for your health and your happiness. So give yourself or a loved one this gift today!



FREE Jiffy Mix Recipe Booklet

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FREE Jiffy Mix Recipe Booklet

Learn old-time favorite recipes as well as make new ones with this FREE Jiffy Mix Recipe Book. The book was recently updated to include recipes using our new mixes – “JIFFY” Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, “JIFFY” Oatmeal Cookie Mix and “JIFFY” Sugar Cookie Mix.



Make something tasty this week with premium recipes from Sun MaidSun-Maid is celebrating its 100 year anniversary with a FREE download of their “100th Anniversary Book”. The book is available by PDF or in six separate chapters.

Check out two other recipe books by Sun-Maid:


Men's Journal Magazine

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Head on to Amazon and start reading up these FREE Books on Crafts, Hobbies and Home from the Kindle! 

One Day Crochet

One day Crochet:25 + Easy and Cute Baby Crocheted Projects by Laura Ashley Ann:

This book is not just a book but a guidebook which informs, help and instruct not only about crocheting but with specifics patterns for babies. The introduction of the book enlightens crocheting and brings out the beauty in crocheting for babies in such a way that a naïve man will find it captivating enough to explore more.


DIY Projects

DIY Projects: 23 Creative, Insanely Easy, and Clever Projects and Ideas For Your Home by Jay Gross:

A collection of 23 inspiring, fun and easy DIY projects that will transform your home to the after part of a renovation show. Take everyday objects from around your home, or at least tell your friends they were, and turn them into benches, beds, knife blocks or barbeques. Create unique bespoke furniture in hours and put your personality into the very walls with simple and concise step-by-step instructions that are catered to endless levels of customization.



Gardening: Air-Cleaning House Plants to Purify Your Home by Brian Adams:

Gardening: Air-Cleaning House Plants to Purify Your Home – DIY Home, Home Gardening and Indoor Gardening can teach you to reduce and manage indoor air pollution. You’ll learn where this indoor air pollution comes from, and how to get rid of these air contaminants – the natural way!


Backyard Aquaponics

Backyard Aquaponics by John Choisser:

The book describes greenhouses, outdoor ponds, and even an aquaponic lawn as illustrations of the variety of system designs that can be built. Over 50 illustrations show you the components, designs, and finished small farms.


Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning: The Ultimate Guide by Sara Hallas:

Mixing up a safe non-toxic natural cleaner for your kitchen is a rather simple process that requires only a few ingredients, probably already stocked in your pantry. With the addition of a few essential oils to the mixture, your natural kitchen cleaner will be fragrant and contain anti-fungal, antibiotic and antiseptic properties without all of the harmful fragrances and chemicals added to commercial cleaners. We have collected the most green and eco friendly cleaning solutions from around the world. Enjoy!


People Magazine1

People magazine is offering 7 Country Music FREE Downloads on iTunes.

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FREE EPA Kids Activity Books

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FREE EPA Activity Books

Let the kids enjoy fun-filled activities with these FREE EPA Kids Activity Books!

All you do is select the books that you want, then click the blue USPS logo next to them, then click add to your collection. 




Free Mr. Food Easy Brunch Recipes eCookbook

Whether you’re looking for a Saturday brunch option or a Sunday brunch buffet, this free eCookbook, Easy-Breezy Brunch: 26 Easy Brunch Recipes for Any Occasion, is sure to fit your needs!

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Vegetarian Times is written for those at the forefront of the healthy living movement. Published nine times a year, it provides delicious recipes, expert wellness information, and environmentally sound lifestyle solutions for both full-time and part-time vegetarians.

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Here are some recipes on making wine at Home. These Books are from Amazon Kindle and are available for FREE for a while:

The 30 Minute Wine Expert

The 30 Minute Wine Expert by Michael Sullivan:

In “The 30-Minute Wine Expert” You’ll learn:
Reds, Whites, and Other Varieties – what you need to know so you can easily talk about the types of wines like a sommelier (your friends will be jealous). The secret to reading wine labels and understanding the important information.


Easy Pairing Wine Guide

Easy Pairing Wine Guide by Daniel Butler:

Easy-to-Understand Wine Pairing Guide focused on increasing knowledge and providing food pairing options to compliment wines from all regions of the World!


Craft Beer Cocktails At Home

Craft Beer Cocktails At Home by Nick Martin:

This book was created by craft beer drinkers, for craft beer drinkers. Mixologists across North America are coming up with some awesome craft beer cocktails, so we wanted to introduce you to some of the very best drink recipes.


Booze for BabesTM

Booze for BabesTM by Kayleigh Kulp:

Booze for Babes™ is a must-have manual for the lady who loves good food but is not yet spirits-savvy. Author Kayleigh Kulp empowers all tipplers to buy, drink and serve better liquor in a fun but non-pandering way while celebrating female distillers, bartenders and spirits experts.


Nicholas Faith's 2015 guide

Nicholas Faith’s 2015 guide to cognac by Nicholas Faith:

Nicholas Faith’s 2015 Guide to Cognac is a directory supplement to Nicholas’s best-selling book Cognac: The story of the world’s greatest brandy, winner of the Veuve Clicquot award in the US and the Deinhard/Wine Magazine award in the UK. The second edition won the André Simon prize, Britain’s premier wine and spirit writing prize.




Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes & Gardens Magazine is known for having some of the best tips on household and outdoor designs, organization, and style. It also has recipes varying from healthy dinners to delicious desserts! Sign up today for a FREE  subscription to Better Homes and Gardens! Simply fill out the short form with your information to grab this FREEBIE.


Bon Appetit Magazine

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FREE Amazon Kindle eBooks: Romance

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Love reading romantic novels then this is an awesome piece for you to read! I have collected some new romantic novels from Amazon Kindle for FREE!

The Wedding Audition

The Wedding Audition (Runaway Brides Book 2) by Catherine Mann:

The tabloids call her the Hit and Run Bride after reality show star Annamae Jessup walked out on Atlanta’s favorite baseball player on cable television. Eager to escape her notoriety, Annamae takes a road trip to find the grandmother she’s never met and winds up discovering a whole lot more than a band of back woods relatives. There’s no escape from reality TV, even in Beulah, Alabama, population 3000.


The Perfect Cast

The Perfect Cast by T.K. Chapin:

THE PERFECT CAST is book one of the Inspirational Christian Romance Novels of the Christian romance series, LOVE’S ENDURING PROMISE. Follow the lives of the men and women who have a unique connection with a little country town in Eastern Washington, and watch as their lives unfold as they face challenges of life, faith, and love.


Diary of an Angel

Diary of an Angel by Michael M. Farnsworth:

Forenica has never guarded anyone before, let alone been responsible for a soul. All that changes when she joins the ranks of heaven’s angels as a Junior Guardian. Her first assignment seems simple enough; her charge, Angela Higgins, seems too perfect to have any trials. Quickly she learns, however, that helping Angela make it back to heaven is no trivial undertaking.


Frostfire Inn

Frostfire Inn by Lia Garret:

Lauren Endicott is haunted by the injustice of a father sent to prison for a murder he didn’t commit. She never expected the novel she wrote about the case to become a bestseller, one in which a thinly disguised local senator was the actual murderer, and she certainly never expected to face the town’s outrage after the senator committed suicide. Most of all, she never wanted to hurt the senator’s son, Flynn Huntington, the boy she had loved from afar, the one she knew could never be hers. After the senator’s death, the town and the Huntingtons wanted her gone, and truth be told, Lauren was glad to go. She knew Flynn Huntington hated her, and that she would have to make a life for herself elsewhere.


Kinda Maybe

Kinda Maybe (Big City Nights Book 2) by Elise Daniels:

Kat Hilliard is unprepared when New York’s most eligible bachelor, Reese Tremaine, bumps into her on a downtown train. Her simple life will never be the same.
Determined to live out a lifelong dream, Kat Hilliard moves cross country after college to New York City to chase her destiny. Knocking out 140 character tweets for a financial firm by day and engaging in all the sexy options Manhattan has to offer by night, Kat is suddenly swept into the hideaways and haunts of the extremely rich and decadent as her life spins out of control and into the headlines.




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Gooseberry Patch Fall Favorite Recipe Book

Sun-Maid and Gooseberry Patch have teamed up to create a collection of 30 all-time Fall Favorites Recipes that include Plum Good Breakfast Oatmeal, Savory Baked Pears, and Raisin-Cranberry Compote. Get your FREE Gooseberry Patch Fall Favorite Recipe Book here!


Toys R Us4

The Holiday Book from Toys R Us is here! Find holiday inspiration that is sure to fit every little personality in your family! Get your very own copy of the 2015 holiday catalog for FREE!


Western Horseman Magazine

Have any inclination towards horse riding or learning more about caring for horses? Grab a FREE Subscription to the Western Horseman Magazine. Allow 4-12 weeks for delivery.


Stay updated on the latest tech advances and knowledge of computers with these FREE Kindle editions at Amazon!

Windows 10

Windows 10: The Ultimate Beginners Guide by Milly Grace:

This book is will serve as a brief but concise guide on the latest iteration of Microsoft’s flagship operating system, Windows 10. The launch of Windows 10 will remain a milestone for Microsoft as well as their millions of users across the planet for many reasons. Windows 10 is touted by the company as the last version of the Windows series.


The 27+ Best Apps for Work

The 27+ Best Apps for Work…& How to Use ‘Em! by Beth Ziesenis:

You’ve heard about apps that can transform the way you work, but you never have the time to figure out how to use them. You’re too busy rushing from meeting to meeting and juggling your family and your “life”. This book by Beth Ziesenis of Your Nerdy Best Friend does the work for you. With practical tips and a whole lot of humor, Beth walks you step by step through 27+ essential apps for work and home, plus hundreds of other resources and lists.


How To Massively Increase Traffic

How To Massively Increase Traffic by Andrew Stevens And Amanda Fields:

The Internet has created a whole new way for businesses to advertise their products and services. There are many ways to advertise on the web, but to many business owners the greatest Internet advertising is free Internet advertising.


Digital Minds

Digital Minds: 12 Things Every Business Needs to Know About Digital Marketing by WSI:

The progression of the Internet hasn’t slowed down one bit; in fact, it’s only just begun. And with capabilities like visitor tracking, geo-targeting and personalized marketing, the business competition on the digital playing field has become more aggressive than ever. The advancements are rapid; adaptation is vital. And yet, business owners are either too tentative to dive in or want to get started but just don’t know where to begin.


How To Use Evernote

How To Use Evernote – Quick Evernote Guide by Kevin Wood:

Evernote is one of the most popular note- taking apps in use today. The app is used by millions of people all over the globe to keep track of their notes, make reminders and create checklists. For a productive man, Evernote could be one of the most important apps.






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