Free I Am Legend Audiobook

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Free I Am Legend Audiobook

Amazon is offering the audiobook, I Am Legend by Richard Matheson for free! Select the ‘$0.00 Audiobook’ button and complete the checkout process to get your free audiobook!

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Free A Boy Called Christmas Audiobook

You can get the A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig Audiobook for Free till Nov 20th when you sign up for the Penguin Random House Audio and Penguin Random House newsletters.

You can also listen to the companion story, The Girl Who Saved Christmas.

FREE Hair Loss Brochure

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FREE Hair Loss Brochure


Noticing Hair Loss? Find Out About Your Options and solutions for Men or Women with the Hairclub Guidebook. It is FREE!

FREE Rosary Guide Booklet

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FREE Rosary Guide Booklet

The Rosary is the Great Weapon of the 21st Century. Sister Lucia, the eldest seer of Fatima, said that in these times the Blessed Mother has granted even greater power to the Rosary. She said, “there is no problem, however difficult, whether temporal or spiritual; no problem in the life of families, religious communities, or the life of nations, that cannot be solved by the Rosary.” Get your FREE booklet to help you pray the Rosary like St. Louis de Montfort.

Get the courage to survive insurmountable odds with these Free Kindle Biographies and Memoirs:

medicine man

Medicine Men by Carolyn Jourdan

Medicine Men is an extraordinary collection of the most memorable moments from old-school rural physicians who each practiced medicine for more than 50 years in the Southern Appalachian Mountains.
Sleeping in Trees

Sleeping in Trees by Keith Brown

Get ready for a captivating collection of true tales that will transport you straight back to the 1960s and right into the colorful times, bold adventures and hilarious hijinks of a small crew of rambunctious boys navigating the rapidly changing landscape of South Florida.
Texas Ranger

A Texas Ranger by N. A. Jennings

 In 1874, Napoleon Augustus Jennings moved to Texas to join the Rangers under the command of L. H. McNelly. A year later, Jennings was thrown into the conflict between the native Spanish speaking Americans and the English speaking whites who came to settle the area.
Spooky trail

On the Spooky Trail by Virginia King

Join award-winning mystery author Virginia King on this journey of true travel, when her role as an accompanying delegate at a conference turns into an investigation of some of the spookiest places in Wales.
The divide1

The Divide: a 2700 mile by Nathan Doneen

After leaving university, Nathan Doneen wasn’t satisfied with the direction of his life. He had questions…he had doubts. So he began his search for answers along the Great Divide, a 2700 mile mountain bike route that traces the Continental Divide from Canada to Mexico…and he set out alone

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Mystery book lovers be sure to check out the Newest Mystery and Suspense Book FREEBIES at Amazon. Just click on this link and we will take you right there! Silent Fear (A novel inspired by true crimes) by Lance Morcan and James Morcan and more!


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Looking for a new hobby, get a head start here. Here are some FREE eBooks on craft and hobbies on Kindle at Amazon.

DIY Guide1

A DIY Guide for All by B. CliShea

If you want to save your hair and your body from unnecessary toxin intake, you should try making your own hair conditioners at home. This book will help you do that.
Vegetable gardening3

Vegetable Gardening by Agatha Higgins

In the book Vegetable Gardening: An Easy Guide to Growing Your Own Vegetables by Agatha Higgins you will learn easy and maintenance free methods to start growing your own vegetables.
minimalist living1

Minimalist Living by Kathy Stanton

In this book “Minimalist Living and Loving It” you will discover 40 proven steps and strategies on how to begin living the life of a minimalist WITHOUT giving up everything in your life.

Quilting 101

Quilting 101 Basics by Petra Pulido

 Making quilts is not as difficult as you may think and as long as you have the right guide, then you can start quilting as though you are a pro. If you are looking for a quilting guide, then this is where this book comes in.
companion planting
Companion planting involves strategic location of the veggies and fruit that you plant to maximize space available, deter or distract pests and to take advantage of the nutrients available in the soil where you live.


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FREE Sun-Maid 100th Anniversary Cookbook


Get all of Sun-Maid’s most popular recipes in their 100th Anniversary Cookbook!

You can download for FREE the Sun-Maid 100th Anniversary Cookbook. Sun-Maid’s century of experience answers questions about cooking with dried fruit.

This recipe booklet also features a selection of favorites from the past 100 years of Sun-Maid’s delicious and colorful history.