FREE Issue of Teen Ink Magazine

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Teen Ink Magazine

Get a FREE Issue of Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine! Teen Ink is written entirely by teens and distributed to thousands of schools nationwide.

Any student can submit creative writing, art and photography at no charge.

LOL, here are some FREE Kindle Books from Amazon on comics, graphics and novels.

To Love a Lady: Titled Texans by Cynthia Sterling:

With humor, romance and authentic historical detail, To Love a Lady takes readers on a romantic journey to 1880s Texas. 


Draw Chibi Dark

Draw Chibi Dark: Evil Is the New Cute! by Christopher Hart:

Learn to draw the dark side of the cutest characters in manga with Draw Chibi Dark—Evil Is the New Cute! In this ebook, bestselling how-to-draw author Christopher Hart gives step-by-step instructions on drawing two adorably dark chibi characters—a Goth rocker and a Victorian Goth. But don’t be fooled by their spooky natures. These are still the unmistakably cute chibis that every manga artist loves. 


Silver Scorpion: Free Comic Book by Ron Marz:

The Silver Scorpion tells the story of a teenager, Bashir Bari, who loses his legs in a tragic accident. Consumed with anger and grief, Bashir retreats into a world of isolation, resentful of the pitiful looks and whispers of strangers. When he accidentally witnesses the murder of Tarek, a mysterious local metal smith, Bashir is unwittingly chosen as the new guardian of an ancient power that has remained hidden for centuries. With new abilities allowing him to manipulate the metal around him, Bashir must now decide how to use this gift and balance the line between justice and vengeance.


For years, Superman believed himself to be the sole survivor of the doom planet Krypton. He grew up on Earth convinced he was the last of his kind. He was wrong. Superman, Supergirl, and the half-Kryptonian, half-human clone Superboy must now face their biggest threat: H’El on Earth.
Steve Niles and his fellow Creep, rocker Rob Zombie, team up to present this realistic take on the legendary Bigfoot. A monstrous ape-man is stomping around the woods of the Pacific Northwest, and he’s not happy with mankind. Bigfoot also offers master craftsman Richard Corben a return to his true horror roots as he fully renders the imposing beast as only he can. Niles. Zombie. Corben. Bigfoot. What else needs to be said?

FREE Mall of America Visitors Kit

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Mall of America

Planning a visit to Mall of America®? Sign up today for the FREE MOA® Visitor’s Guide and also receive a Map & Directory and a Destination Bloomington Travel Guide!

It includes a Visitor’s Guide, Map & Directory of stores, and a Destination Bloomington Travel Guide. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.


FREE Diabetic Living Magazine Subscription

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diabetic living


Freebiz Magazine is offering FREE Diabetic Living Magazine Subscription! Head on over to their website to get your one-year subscription to Diabetic Living, plus find out what FREE business publications you could qualify to receive!


craft ebook


Are you wondering what to do for your next craft project? Get yourself the FREE “12 Fabulous Picnic Craft Ideas +Restaurant Copycat Recipes” eBook. Simply click on the photo on their page and the eBook will be downloaded onto your computer in no time!


Free Seventeen Magazine

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Give a sweet teen , a gift she’ll treasure! A Seventeen magazine subscription! You can get a Free Seventeen magazine subscription from Rewards Country.


13 Healthy Comfort Food Recipes

Download 13 Healthy Comfort Food Recipes Guide for FREE!! In this awesome new eCookbook, 13 Healthy Comfort Food Recipes, they have gathered a whole bunch of amazing, lightened-up versions of your favorite fare.

This whole eCookbook will come in handy as a weekly meal planner; there are ideas for lunch, breakfast, and dinner as well as snacks for in between meals. You can have a whole, healthy, comfortable day with the help of these great recipes.


Make your own body scrubs, soaps or perfume or craft the perfect handmade gift; get crafty and make something different today!

Here are some Free Kindle eBooks for Craft and Hobbies.

Essential Oils for Dogs by Emilee Day:

Dog Lovers, Look No Further! This Complete Guide Will Show You How To Treat And Care For Your Dog Using Natural Ingredients!

Herb Gardening Made Easy

Herb Gardening Made Easy by Craig Peterson:

Inside, you will learn about the different herbs that you can grow, along with their specific needs and requirements.
As previously mentioned, you don’t need much space to grow herbs. This book explains how you can easily grow your herbs indoors – even in your kitchen for easy access! 

DIY Shampoo Recipes by Laura Myers:

DIY Shampoo Recipes explain the hazards of store bought shampoos. Although the shampoos come labeled with “extra hydration therapy” or “added Vitamin E oils” combined with the chemicals of the shampoo, it renders the added benefits useless. 

Grow Blueberries at Home by Steve Ryan:

Blueberries are not only delicious, they’re also fun and rewarding to grow! 
This book will explain to you the different varieties of blueberries, as well as teach you how to grow each particular type! 

Container Gardening for the Garden Enthusiast by Claudia Jameson:

So… you’re one of those die-hard gardeners. You’re a garden enthusiast who loves working in the mud while armed with your arsenal of rakes, shovels, watering cans and 30 pounds of compost. Okay, maybe you’re not THAT much of an enthusiast, but you do enjoy the fact that you can create a beautiful garden in the comfort of your own home. And what’s more? You can even grow them conveniently in containers! 

16 Crochet Shawl Patterns by Prime Publishing:

Shawls from department store are always super expensive and made with scratchy yarns and fabrics. DIY shawls are the only way to go if you want the perfect piece to fit your budget and personality. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight shawl to drape over your shoulders on a sweet and breezy summer night, or you want a cozy shawl that’s thick enough to double as a scarf, you’ll find what you need in 16 Crochet Shawl Patterns: DIY Clothing You’ll Love.


Kiwi Magazine

You can get a free 1 year subscription to Kiwi Magazine. To get this frebie, please fill in a form and enter promotional code:WOW014.


Dinosaur coloring


You can get a FREE Derek the Dinosaur’s Coloring Book About LEAD. To get this freebie, check the last box on the form for the Coloring Book.

It has become a cliche to say that one person can make a difference, but the life of Mahatma Gandhi confronts us with the enduring truth of that statement. 
In this book, we will explore the secrets of JFK. We will discover who he is, what he does, and why he was assassinated. Who did it? and the secrets behind all of it. It will be revealed once and for all. 
In this book, we will examine in great detail Winston Churchill’s personality, character, values, principles, wisdom, and life lessons. His secrets for success will be revealed once and for all! 
From champagne bottles to baby bottles, this memoirette offers a humorous look at an American mom’s decade in Paris. 
Kate Middleton is the shining star of the British royal family. Her wedding with Prince Williams was one of the most televised event in history, with almost 1 billion viewers. Their trips around the world are always documented by popular media attention. Kate Middleton has gone from being a commoner and became a celebrity. 
Come and discover the values and principles that the Duchess Kate holds dear.

Amazon: FREE Clean Eating Cookbook

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Clean Eating Cookbook

Right now at Amazon, you can get a FREE Clean Eating Cookbook!!  Inside this low fat cookbook, you’ll find 61 clean eating easy recipes that look good and taste great! 

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. This deal ends when the price changes.