HEADS UP: Their site is getting SLAMMED right now! So be patient!

Green Cupboards is offering a free $10 credit when you share about their Black Friday Sale on Facebook today! You can use this credit to get three free Mrs. Meyer’s candles, three free Mrs. Meyer’s laundry products, three free Burt’s Bees GUD, and more!


1. Click on the “Share” button on the Green Cupboards Back Friday deals tab you’ll see on the Green Cupboards homepage.
5. Share the deal on Facebook.
6. Use your $10 coupon code to get $10 worth of items!

(Thanks, The Frugal Greenish Mama!)

3 Responses

  1. jaclyn malinao says:

    has anyone been able to snag this deal? I have been trying for over an hour and is unsuccessful

  2. CrispinMariko says:

    It let’s me get to my cart, then when I click on checkout…nothing :( I founds lots of great stuff too.

  3. CrispinMariko says:

    What was the $10 code? I finally got the checkout to work, but it didn’t give me a second code for sharing the black Friday deals.