I had a reader recently ask me about Super Points and wanted to register!  So I looked a little more into it and signed up myself! (Thanks Amy for the heads up!)  Here’s what I found out..

You will earn points to get your rewards. You do this by inviting friends, taking surveys, taking offers, and playing the super famous SuperLucky Button.


1. Click here to sign up for an account with my referral link!
2. Complete your profile after you sign up for points.

3. Click on “Get Points” in the main top menu.
4. You can choose from the different offers to earn points.
5. Also click on the “Super Lucky Button”. You’ll just click it and hope to earn free points!  (You get 30 free clicks per day!)
6. Next I’d suggest checking out the “Rewards” section so you can know how many points you need to earn to get the reward you want!
7. Also, make sure to email your friends and family your link and get them to sign up as well so you can earn points that way!

*NOTE: Feel free to post your referral codes in the comments below, but not on our Facebook page.


6 Responses

  1. Matt says:

    I signed up with your link…with a few different emails.

  2. Madison says:

    Hey, here is my link if anyone wants to sign up here: http://superpoints.com/refer/mel39827

  3. nancy says:

    If any one wants to use my link and sign up here it is http://superpoints.com/refer/n_andrade

  4. your mom says:

    hey if ya’ll wanna sign up use THIS link! Don’t pay attention to the comments above this! ( just kidding, I’m not that mean. but seriosly, use this one.)http://superpoints.com/refer/sarahrosenthal1

  5. cassb1983 says:

    LOVE this site! I’ve been on here for about 2 months now! :)

  6. MandyScott says:

    Hey Y’all! Here’s my referral link too. Would love if some of you could use it. Thanks!

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