HEADS UP: Do NOT leave your mailing address in the comments! Please read the instructions!

I know a bunch of you have emailed or commented about how you want coupons, but don’t have a printer! Well there’s some good and bad news. While you can’t get ALL coupons mailed to you, there are some sites and suggestions I have for getting SOME coupons mailed right to your house!

#1 Tip - Don’t get too bummed if you can’t get a coupon mailed to you. Give it a sigh and be grateful someone out there IS able to get it who needs it!

#2 Tip - Sadly, you CANNOT print any of the coupons directly on Coupons.com.

#3 Tip - There are some coupons (bricks.coupons.com) coupons that will SOMETIMES give the option to have mailed instead of only printed! Read the instructions below for how this works!

#4 Tip - Try contacting the companies you love and requesting coupons! Here’s a full post I did on this with a list to get you started!


1. When you go to print some coupons, a window will usually pop up where you print from. Instead of clicking the “Print Coupons” button click  Look for the “Help” link in the lower right hand side.

2. A page will appear as shown below.  Look towards the bottom for the spot to click so the form to enter your mailing info will appear.

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  1. Kabris says:

    Hey cher! Gain is offering $2 off Gain fireworks coupons by mail!