FREE Nursing Pillow (+Shipping)

by MFPS on Jun 17,2013 - Comments Off

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UPDATE 6/17: This is still available! 

This is an awesome deal for a nursing pillow! I haven’t personally seen one of this brand though. But I would guess it’s like the Boppy pillow which sells for $30-$40! So to get a FREE one and only pay $12.95 shipping, sounds like a great deal to me! The free code takes $40 off the price of one pillow, making the patterned pillows free, the minky pillows will be discounted $40, so you will just need to pay $5 plus shipping and handling!


1. Go to Nursing Pillow
2. Click on ‘Shop Now’
3. Add a nursing pillow to your car.
4. At checkout, enter promo code: ENBABY
5. Then simply pay the $12.95 for shipping + handling!

Awesome deal! If you get one, let me know how it is when it comes! The deal expires on September 17, 2013.


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