This offer is still available!

Have you heard of My Points? It’s another free and great way to earn points to get free stuff! Also, right now they have a special offer in which the first 500 members to find a lucky leaf and click on it, after signing up will get an additional 50 points. Here is how MyPoints works:
1. You collect points for different things.
- Taking surveys: most only take 5 to 25 min.
- When you shop online: you get X amount of points per $.
- When you click through the emails they send you. Sometimes just for clicking you get 5 pts.
*Sometimes if you sign up for what the email is about you’ll get points. Here’s an example from our reader Linda. “One i got the other day was for , just for clicking on the Link i got 5pt… if you signed up for the site and bought something (for valenties day ) you’d get 100pt for buying AND 10pts per $ ..and if you spend over 150$ you got a extra 1,000pts.”
– Printing Coupons: The site also has a coupons page. If you print the coupons you get some points when you USE the coupons. You dont have to use the click to shop , you can go to there home page and pick the place your going to shop. For example: At Old Navy you’ll get 10pts per 1$. They have many stores and the points never expire.
- When friends sign up.
2. When you’ve earned enough points, you cash them in!
- For gift cards: Anywere from 5$ gift cards from places like Burger King , Starbucks , Subway etc to 50$ Visa card , Paypal gift cards!
- You can use your points towards donations to The Red Cross , and other organizations .


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