UntitledRecently I got myself a Samsung Note III and I have to say I am loving it!

Well this offer is not about my phone, at least not completely, though it’s a bit related.

So while browsing the net for some cool wallpapers for my new phone, I came across the Locket Android App.

This App will load an Ad on my lock screen and I get rewards for only letting these ads appear on my screen.

I downloaded it because:

-First things first, I get paid for it

-These ads are only restricted to my lock screen. So whether I have a Princess Angel on the screen or this Ad, it doesn’t really matter.

-I don’t have to engage with the ad. I just get paid for viewing it.

If you’re sold on this offer, here is how you can grab it:

-Install the FREE Locket App on your Android Phone

-Sign-up through your facebook account or email address

-After you are done, every time you wake up your phone, your loack screen will feature an ad

-To ignore the ad, swipe right and to engage swipe left

-You can either redeem it as a cash prize or choose to donate the money.

-You can earn upto $100 every month

-For the month of October, they are running a special sweepstakes in which every day a lucky winner can win $300.

For details on this scheme, visit the ‘Special’ menu in the app.


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