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One Day Crochet

One day Crochet:25 + Easy and Cute Baby Crocheted Projects by Laura Ashley Ann:

This book is not just a book but a guidebook which informs, help and instruct not only about crocheting but with specifics patterns for babies. The introduction of the book enlightens crocheting and brings out the beauty in crocheting for babies in such a way that a naïve man will find it captivating enough to explore more.


DIY Projects

DIY Projects: 23 Creative, Insanely Easy, and Clever Projects and Ideas For Your Home by Jay Gross:

A collection of 23 inspiring, fun and easy DIY projects that will transform your home to the after part of a renovation show. Take everyday objects from around your home, or at least tell your friends they were, and turn them into benches, beds, knife blocks or barbeques. Create unique bespoke furniture in hours and put your personality into the very walls with simple and concise step-by-step instructions that are catered to endless levels of customization.



Gardening: Air-Cleaning House Plants to Purify Your Home by Brian Adams:

Gardening: Air-Cleaning House Plants to Purify Your Home – DIY Home, Home Gardening and Indoor Gardening can teach you to reduce and manage indoor air pollution. You’ll learn where this indoor air pollution comes from, and how to get rid of these air contaminants – the natural way!


Backyard Aquaponics

Backyard Aquaponics by John Choisser:

The book describes greenhouses, outdoor ponds, and even an aquaponic lawn as illustrations of the variety of system designs that can be built. Over 50 illustrations show you the components, designs, and finished small farms.


Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning: The Ultimate Guide by Sara Hallas:

Mixing up a safe non-toxic natural cleaner for your kitchen is a rather simple process that requires only a few ingredients, probably already stocked in your pantry. With the addition of a few essential oils to the mixture, your natural kitchen cleaner will be fragrant and contain anti-fungal, antibiotic and antiseptic properties without all of the harmful fragrances and chemicals added to commercial cleaners. We have collected the most green and eco friendly cleaning solutions from around the world. Enjoy!


Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring Desk $13.59 (Reg $19.99)

Create, color, and explore with the Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Art Desk, a convenient art kit for kids ages three and older. The coloring desk comes with everything kids need to create art without creating a mess. 

Amazon is offering Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring Desk for $13.59 (Reg $19.99).

The kit includes a set of Color Wonder Markers, Paints, and a paintbrush for use on the special Color Wonder Paper. Made for easy cleanup and storage, the desk is a versatile tool for self-expression and fun.

KitchenAid Classic Egg Slicer $3.99

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KitchenAid Classic Egg Slicer $3.99

This KitchenAid Classic Egg Slicer is a practical and attractive addition to your kitchen. This slicer is ideal for cutting hard-boiled eggs, mushrooms and soft cheeses.

Amazon is offering KitchenAid Classic Egg Slicer for $3.99 with free shipping on orders over $35.

The slicer’s cutting wires are constructed from tough, rust-resistant stainless steel.

Kids accessories aren’t limited to clothing, a good pair of sunglasses is also equally essential! So how about picking a few for them?! Head on over here now and check out these cute kids sunglasses that you can buy under $10 only.

Sunglasses JR85 Juniors Ages 5-12 Beachcomber Mirror lens $6.95


Sunglasses JR85

Fun Express Child Neon Sunglasses $7.25

Fun Express Child Neon Sunglasses

Eyekepper Stainless Steel Frame Aviator $7.99

Eyekepper Stainless Steel Frame Aviator

Kyra Kids Plastic Polka Dot Bow Sunglasses $7.99

Kyra Kids Plastic Polka Dot Bow Sunglasses

Boys Biking Baseball Performance Sports Sunglasses $8.95

Boys Biking Baseball Performance Sports Sunglasses

RIVBOS Rubber Flexible Kids Polarized Sunglasses Wayfarer Style $9.98 

RIVBOS Rubber Flexible Kids Polarized Sunglasses Wayfarer


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Here are some deals you can find:


Graco Argos 80 Elite 3-in-1 Car Seat, Go Green
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Graco Affix Highback Youth Booster Seat with Latch System, Pierce
List Price: $79.99
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Cars Fast as Lightning App Free

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Cars Fast as Lightning App Free

Experience all the excitement of racing as Lightning and his friends in high-octane fun COMPLETELY FREE! Lightning McQueen and Mater are hosting a Radiator Springs racing EXTRAVAGANZA, and they’re going to need some speed! Are you up to the challenge?

Head on over to Amazon for Cars Fast as Lightning App for Android devices for Free.

Here are some recipes on making wine at Home. These Books are from Amazon Kindle and are available for FREE for a while:

The 30 Minute Wine Expert

The 30 Minute Wine Expert by Michael Sullivan:

In “The 30-Minute Wine Expert” You’ll learn:
Reds, Whites, and Other Varieties – what you need to know so you can easily talk about the types of wines like a sommelier (your friends will be jealous). The secret to reading wine labels and understanding the important information.


Easy Pairing Wine Guide

Easy Pairing Wine Guide by Daniel Butler:

Easy-to-Understand Wine Pairing Guide focused on increasing knowledge and providing food pairing options to compliment wines from all regions of the World!


Craft Beer Cocktails At Home

Craft Beer Cocktails At Home by Nick Martin:

This book was created by craft beer drinkers, for craft beer drinkers. Mixologists across North America are coming up with some awesome craft beer cocktails, so we wanted to introduce you to some of the very best drink recipes.


Booze for BabesTM

Booze for BabesTM by Kayleigh Kulp:

Booze for Babes™ is a must-have manual for the lady who loves good food but is not yet spirits-savvy. Author Kayleigh Kulp empowers all tipplers to buy, drink and serve better liquor in a fun but non-pandering way while celebrating female distillers, bartenders and spirits experts.


Nicholas Faith's 2015 guide

Nicholas Faith’s 2015 guide to cognac by Nicholas Faith:

Nicholas Faith’s 2015 Guide to Cognac is a directory supplement to Nicholas’s best-selling book Cognac: The story of the world’s greatest brandy, winner of the Veuve Clicquot award in the US and the Deinhard/Wine Magazine award in the UK. The second edition won the André Simon prize, Britain’s premier wine and spirit writing prize.




Amazon: Cuisinart Lazy Susan Electric Fondue Maker $36.49 (Reg $145)

Cuisinart’s Lazy Susan Electric Fondue Maker makes fondue easier than ever. Equipped with a removable Lazy Susan ring and four serving cups, the fondue maker gives everyone easy access to all foods. 

Amazon is offering Cuisinart Lazy Susan Electric Fondue Maker for $36.49 (Reg $145). That is a savings of 75%.

The 3-quart brushed stainless steel nonstick fondue pot comes with eight stainless steel forks, a stainless steel fork ring, four nonstick stainless steel serving cups and cup brackets, and a rotating Lazy Susan ring.

FREE Amazon Kindle eBooks: Romance

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Love reading romantic novels then this is an awesome piece for you to read! I have collected some new romantic novels from Amazon Kindle for FREE!

The Wedding Audition

The Wedding Audition (Runaway Brides Book 2) by Catherine Mann:

The tabloids call her the Hit and Run Bride after reality show star Annamae Jessup walked out on Atlanta’s favorite baseball player on cable television. Eager to escape her notoriety, Annamae takes a road trip to find the grandmother she’s never met and winds up discovering a whole lot more than a band of back woods relatives. There’s no escape from reality TV, even in Beulah, Alabama, population 3000.


The Perfect Cast

The Perfect Cast by T.K. Chapin:

THE PERFECT CAST is book one of the Inspirational Christian Romance Novels of the Christian romance series, LOVE’S ENDURING PROMISE. Follow the lives of the men and women who have a unique connection with a little country town in Eastern Washington, and watch as their lives unfold as they face challenges of life, faith, and love.


Diary of an Angel

Diary of an Angel by Michael M. Farnsworth:

Forenica has never guarded anyone before, let alone been responsible for a soul. All that changes when she joins the ranks of heaven’s angels as a Junior Guardian. Her first assignment seems simple enough; her charge, Angela Higgins, seems too perfect to have any trials. Quickly she learns, however, that helping Angela make it back to heaven is no trivial undertaking.


Frostfire Inn

Frostfire Inn by Lia Garret:

Lauren Endicott is haunted by the injustice of a father sent to prison for a murder he didn’t commit. She never expected the novel she wrote about the case to become a bestseller, one in which a thinly disguised local senator was the actual murderer, and she certainly never expected to face the town’s outrage after the senator committed suicide. Most of all, she never wanted to hurt the senator’s son, Flynn Huntington, the boy she had loved from afar, the one she knew could never be hers. After the senator’s death, the town and the Huntingtons wanted her gone, and truth be told, Lauren was glad to go. She knew Flynn Huntington hated her, and that she would have to make a life for herself elsewhere.


Kinda Maybe

Kinda Maybe (Big City Nights Book 2) by Elise Daniels:

Kat Hilliard is unprepared when New York’s most eligible bachelor, Reese Tremaine, bumps into her on a downtown train. Her simple life will never be the same.
Determined to live out a lifelong dream, Kat Hilliard moves cross country after college to New York City to chase her destiny. Knocking out 140 character tweets for a financial firm by day and engaging in all the sexy options Manhattan has to offer by night, Kat is suddenly swept into the hideaways and haunts of the extremely rich and decadent as her life spins out of control and into the headlines.




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Oblanc SY-AUD63101 Art of Sound In-Ear Ear Bud Headphones with Strong Woven Cable Cords & In-Line Mic, Red
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Oblanc SY-AUD63102 Art of Sound In-Ear Ear Bud Headphones with Strong Woven Cable Cords & In-Line Mic, Yellow
List Price: $29.99
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Oblanc SY-AUD23061 Rendezvous Wireless Bluetooth Headphone with Built-In Microphone, Pink

List Price: $49.99
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Stay updated on the latest tech advances and knowledge of computers with these FREE Kindle editions at Amazon!

Windows 10

Windows 10: The Ultimate Beginners Guide by Milly Grace:

This book is will serve as a brief but concise guide on the latest iteration of Microsoft’s flagship operating system, Windows 10. The launch of Windows 10 will remain a milestone for Microsoft as well as their millions of users across the planet for many reasons. Windows 10 is touted by the company as the last version of the Windows series.


The 27+ Best Apps for Work

The 27+ Best Apps for Work…& How to Use ‘Em! by Beth Ziesenis:

You’ve heard about apps that can transform the way you work, but you never have the time to figure out how to use them. You’re too busy rushing from meeting to meeting and juggling your family and your “life”. This book by Beth Ziesenis of Your Nerdy Best Friend does the work for you. With practical tips and a whole lot of humor, Beth walks you step by step through 27+ essential apps for work and home, plus hundreds of other resources and lists.


How To Massively Increase Traffic

How To Massively Increase Traffic by Andrew Stevens And Amanda Fields:

The Internet has created a whole new way for businesses to advertise their products and services. There are many ways to advertise on the web, but to many business owners the greatest Internet advertising is free Internet advertising.


Digital Minds

Digital Minds: 12 Things Every Business Needs to Know About Digital Marketing by WSI:

The progression of the Internet hasn’t slowed down one bit; in fact, it’s only just begun. And with capabilities like visitor tracking, geo-targeting and personalized marketing, the business competition on the digital playing field has become more aggressive than ever. The advancements are rapid; adaptation is vital. And yet, business owners are either too tentative to dive in or want to get started but just don’t know where to begin.


How To Use Evernote

How To Use Evernote – Quick Evernote Guide by Kevin Wood:

Evernote is one of the most popular note- taking apps in use today. The app is used by millions of people all over the globe to keep track of their notes, make reminders and create checklists. For a productive man, Evernote could be one of the most important apps.







Hash 2 Wireless is the Bluetooth version of our iconic headphone with a new sleek profile and plush, synthetic leather ear pads. With on-board controls and a rechargeable battery, Hash 2 Wireless lets you move freely with your playlist.

Amazon is offering Skullcandy Hesh 2 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Headphones with Mic for $59.99 (Reg $99.99).


Amazon Kindle will help you get some amazing comic and graphic novels here and that too for FREE!!

Superman Adventures

Superman Adventures (1996-) #1 by Paul Dini:

Lex Luthor develops a decoy Superman with powers mimicking those of his archrival and sets him loose to attack the world and sully the real Superman’s name. Superman faces impossible odds when he goes power-to-power against the Man of Steel!


Batman Gotham Adventures

Batman: Gotham Adventures (1998-) #1 by Ty Templeton:

There’s a bounty out on the Clown Prince of Crime and no shortage of people trying to claim it. The only place Batman can keep his nemesis safe is the Batcave, but even that haven may not be safe enough when the Riddler comes calling.


Doctor Who Free Comic Book Day

Doctor Who: Free Comic Book Day by Nick Abadzis:

Take a blistering trip through time and space with three stunning ALL-NEW short stories featuring Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor and the brand-new Twelfth Doctor by the ongoing DOCTOR WHO creative teams – PLUS a sneak peek of the TOP SECRET Summer 2015 event! Be the first to get a hint of the epic that will shake the Doctor to his core! It’s an unmissable read for fans, and the perfect primer for anyone looking to jump on board the TARDIS!


Kitty Kafé Cats in Heat

Kitty Kafé: Cats in Heat: Chapter.1 by Sweet Potato:

Mayo gets her long-awaited chance to work at a “cat café” – a peculiar establishment where hot guys wearing kitty-cat ears cater to female customers looking to forget the stress of everyday life. With this kind of environment, it seems like the purrfect job at first…but with her feline coworkers having set their sights on her in more ways than one, Mayo has her work cut out for her!


FCBD Rocket Raccoon

FCBD: Rocket Raccoon by Joe Caramagna:

Rocket Raccoon is a wanted mammal, and he’s out to clear his bounty – by any means necessary! And you’ll never believe how!



Crayola Washable Kid's Neon Paint Set, 2-Ounce, 10 Count $4.49

Crayola Washable Kids’ Paint is a nontoxic water-based paint that’s great for arts, crafts and school projects. Includes Ten 2-ounce bottles in assorted colors.

Amazon is offering the Crayola Washable Kid’s Neon Paint Set, 2-Ounce, 10 Count for $4.49.



Disney Sofia The First Sofia, Vivian and Animal Friends Giftset $5.99

Girls are invited to join Sofia the First and her princess pal from Royal Prepatory Academy, Vivian, on a very special playdate with their animal friends. Sofia’s new friend wears her signature red gown and is accompanied by her delightful pet dragon, Crackle.

Amazon is offering the Disney Sofia The First Sofia, Vivian and Animal Friends Giftset for $5.99 (Reg $14.99).