Amazon: 2-Tier Spice Rack, EZOWare Silver $ 13.99 (Reg $49.99) Save 73% on this Kitchen counter-top 2-Tier storage rack organizer for spice jars.




Rubie’s Costume Company has designed quality costume and fun clothing for decades. Trusted to be the leader of cosplay, Halloween, and general decor items, Rubie’s does not sacrifice quality for price. Expect the highest in costume design and material with Rubie’s.
Amazon has Rubies Star Wars Darth Vader Cape and Mask Set for $8.50 ( List Price:$16.50).


Free Amazon Kindle eBooks: Classics

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Turn the pages to explore bygone eras, time-honored tales and historical narratives. Adventure awaits in these classic books. Here are some Classics Kindle eBooks for FREE:


The Man Who Knew Too Much by G K Chesterton

The Man Who Knew Too Much is a selection of stories portraying Horne Fisher – the titular ‘man’ – in a series of escapades through British high society. Being as he is associated by marriage and station to the Establishment of the UK, many of Fisher’s cases surround high profile murders – in the final story, the Prime Minister himself is implicated.


Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

While Mansfield Park appears in some ways to continue where Pride and Prejudice left off, it is, as Kathryn Sutherland shows in her illuminating Introduction, a much darker work, which challenges ‘the very values (of tradition, stability, retirement and faithfulness) it appears to endorse’.


Ben-Hur; a tale of the Christ by Lewis Wallace 

This classic novel, subtitled A Tale of the Crist, has fascinated readers for generations with its vivid depictions of Jesus’ life interwoven with the fictional story of Judah Ben-Hur, a young Jew who finds his life inexorably changed by the Messiah.


Short-Stories by Various and L. A. (Lemuel Arthur) Pittenger

This collection of ten short stories was assembled nearly 100 years ago as a teaching aid. It “attempt[s] to present selections from a list of the greatest short-stories that have proved, in actual use, most beneficial to high school students.


Great Ghost Stories by Various

If you enjoy stories about ghosts, ghouls, vampires and werewolves this book might interest you. The stories seem to be from the 1800s which means the authors had a pretty good grasp of the English language and the vocabulary is incredibly good. I felt these stories were captivating to the imagination and were very well told.

Amazon: Little Tikes TotSports T-Ball Set $17.99 (Reg $34.99)

Give your child a head start in baseball or softball with this t-ball set.  Amazon has Little Tikes TotSports T-Ball Set for $17.99 (Reg $34.99).

The oversized bat and balls makes hitting easy. When children enjoy early success, they will be more likely to enjoy the game and continue to improve. Tee ball sets are ideal – a child can play by themselves or with others.

Make baseball a rewarding game for beginning batters with this kids t-ball set.


From the heraldry of the four Hogwarts houses to the extravagant wares of Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, the world of Harry Potter overflows with radiant color.

Amazon has Harry Potter Postcard Coloring Book for $7.63 ( Reg $9.99).

Featuring artwork from the bestselling Harry Potter Coloring Book, these twenty postcards are filled with intricate illustrations and elaborate designs used in the making of the Harry Potter films, inviting you to imbue the wizarding world with color in your own explorations of Hogwarts castle, the Forbidden Forest, and much more.

Whether you like to buy Math and Science books to read them cover to cover or to use them as a reference book.  Here are some Free Amazon Kindle eBooks on Math and Science:


Kids Animal Books – 17 Real Animal by Selena Dale

This is the first kid’s animal book in the “Guess and Learn” animal series and is the start of a wonderful collection that will help teach your child about numbers and animals.

CK-12 Algebra I by CK-12 Foundation

CK-12 Foundation’s Algebra FlexBook is an introduction to algebraic concepts for the high school student. Topics include: Equations & Functions, Real Numbers, Equations of Lines, Solving Systems of Equations & Quadratic Equations.

The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin

The publication of Darwin’s “The Origin of Species” in 1859 marked a dramatic turning point in scientific thought. The volume had taken Darwin more than twenty years to publish, in part because he envisioned the storm of controversy it was certain to unleash. Indeed, selling out its first edition on its first day, “The Origin of Species” revolutionized science, philosophy, and theology.

Waltzing With Wildlife by Carolyn Jourdan

307 million people visit U.S. national parks every year. Many die from easily preventable reckless behavior. Enjoy this graphic pamphlet with survival tips for encountering wildlife and challenging terrain or weather and remain alive to enjoy your visit to our parks.

The Disney Conservation Fund by John Baxter

 Photo-driven, commemorative book celebrating the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund’s 20th anniversary in 2015-2016.

LEGO Classic Green Baseplate Supplement

LEGO Classic Green Baseplate Supplement is now available for $11.99 only at Amazon. With a product dimensions of 10.2 x 12.1 x 0.1 inches and weighing 2.4 ounces, this green-colored baseplate is the perfect starting point for building, displaying, and playing with your LEGO creations. Creating a garden, forest, or something of your own imagination is very easy now!



Collapsible portable Silicone Measuring Cups & Spoons 8-Piece Set

Collapsible portable Silicone Measuring Cups & Spoons 8-Piece Set Folding Great for Traveling Outdoor Camping and Pet food Scoops is now available for just $4.00 only at Amazon. With a product dimensions of 8.9 x 3.5 x 1.2 inches and weighing 5.6 ounces, this is a great light weight 8 piece measuring cup and measuring spoon set. The cups are collapsible making it perfect for the kitchen, camping, or traveling. Works well as a scoop for pet food. This item could also be used for arts and crafts. Food grade silicone, makes this product safe, and the bright, fun, vibrant colors make it a joy to use.



English Laundry Women's 3 Piece Eau de Parfum Rollerball Coffret

English Laundry Women’s 3 Piece Eau de Parfum Rollerball Coffret, 0.2 oz. is now available for $45.00 only at Amazon. Weighing at 0.8 pounds, this set is the perfect introduction to the English laundry brand or for someone who likes variety.




Amazon has Tide PODS Original Scent HE Turbo Laundry Detergent Pacs 81-load Tub on sale for $18.04. There is a coupon to clip making them $16.04. You get another 5% off when you subscribe and save, making the final price $15.14 shipped. Plus, they ship free.

If you have 5 subscribe and save items at once, you will save 20% off.



If you liked this movie, then don’t miss this deal. Amazon has Taken 1-3 Bundle [Blu-ray] only for $19.99 (Was: $39.97).

This is a great set to purchase, as it includes the digital copies of all 3 which makes the deal even better


Every one should have a basic understanding about how to invest and manage their money. Books can be the solution to many of your greatest challenges in business.

Here are a list of FREE Kindle eBooks on Business and Investing:


Six Dollar Family: From Six Dollars by Stacy Barr

What if you had the tips you need to go from six dollars to six figures? It’s quite possible! Even if you don’t make six figures a year!

The Snowball Effect: Using Dividend by Timothy J. McIntosh

 Today, we live in a world of 24-hour business television, high-speed trading, and volatile capital markets. Instead of asking your dentist for a hot stock tip, you need only turn on the TV to hear what the talking heads recommend or jump on the Internet to find thousands of web pages devoted to showing you how to make a quick buck.

The Productivity Book by Michael Brecht

At Doodle, we understand that productivity isn’t how much you’re doing, it’s how much you get done. So, we spoke to 30 productivity and time management experts to figure out just how they do it. The result: The Doodle Productivity Book! It can’t make more hours in the day. But, it will show you how to get the most out of the time you do have, so you can work smarter, and not harder.

Leave The Grind Behind by Justin Gesso

This book is dedicated to all those ready to forge their own path, get more out of life, and burn their imprint on the world. You want more money, more freedom, and to build your own legacy. Perhaps you want to carve a future by leveraging your talents to freelance, consult, or become an entrepreneur.


Live The Life You Want by Mark Messick

A dream of a life where things are simpler. A life where you’re happier. A life where you don’t have to work in a job you hate. A life where you get to spend time with your family. A life where things just seem to work out the way they should. Everybody has a dream of a better life.


Amazon: Women’s Greek Key Pattern Infinity Scarf with Zipper Pocket $11.00 (Reg $22.00) Save 50% on this lightweight Pop Fashion Infinity Scarf available in blue, green, grey, pink, orange and teal. A multi-functional accessory that includes a zipper pocket to fit smartphone, passport, money, cash, coin purse, keys, cell phone, or wallet.






Girls can enjoy hours of imaginative, classic doll play with Melody, a budding singer growing up in 1964 Detroit during the civil rights movement. They’ll love dressing, changing, and re-dressing their new doll with the included outfits-there’s something for every adventure they can dream up! And with the hairstyling set, they can give Melody an authentic 1960s-style hairdo. This special collection from the American Girl BeForever line includes the 18″ Melody Doll & Book, the Melody Mini Doll, Melody’s Pajamas, Melody’s Play Outfit, Melody’s Fancy Floral Dress, Melody’s Christmas Outfit, Melody’s Fancy Coat, and Melody’s Hairstyling Set.

Save 20% or more on Amazon Exclusive American Girl Collection.

Here are some of the deals you can find:


American Girl Melody Doll & ’60s Fashion Collection

Price: $315.99
With Deal: $221.19 & FREE Shipping. Details
You Save: $94.80 (30%)


American Girl Maryellen Doll & ’50s Fashion Collection

Price: $349.99
With Deal: $279.99 & FREE Shipping. Details
You Save: $70.00 (20%)


American Girl Maryellen Doll & Outfit Collection
Price: $429.99
With Deal: $300.99 & FREE Shipping. Details
You Save: $129.00 (30%)


Amazon: Halloween Hustle Hardcover $7.99 (Reg $16.99) Save 53% In the dark, a funky beat. Something white with bony feet. Skeleton dancing up the street, Doing the Halloween Hustle. Skeleton is dancing his way to a Halloween party—but as he grooves across town, he keeps stumbling, tumbling, and falling apart! Can Skeleton stay in one piece long enough to make it to the party?




Amazon has Emile Henry Granite Pizza Stone for $32.99( $60.00).

Microwave, broiler, convection and conventional oven safe is has a 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects.




Amazon: Chicco Universal Toddler Stroller Cup Holder and Hook Set $12.99 (Reg $29.99) Save 57% on this set for holding a drink, baby diaper bag, shopping bags or purse. Perfect for Strollers, Shopping Carts, Beach Chair and More. Color Grey.




Amazon has Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Tea Set for $11.81 (List Price:$17.99).

Time to share a pot of tea—with two pretty cups, a sweet cake (three stackable layers), and plenty of Smart Stages songs, sounds and fun phrases to go around! Introduce the delights of pretend play while helping baby learn about sharing, manners, colors, greetings and more. She’s sure to thank you! Smart Stages Tea Set includes Smart Stages technology, an exciting new way to change learning content as baby grows. Every baby develops at their own pace, and Smart Stages gives you the ability to select the stage that’s best for your child! There are a variety of developmentally appropriate songs, phrases and sounds within three levels of play—just slide the switch, or enter baby’s age for automatic level changes.


amazon-etekcity-pet-car-vehicle-seat-belt-safety-harness-5-99-reg-19-99Amazon: Etekcity Pet Car Vehicle Seat Belt Safety Harness $5.99 (Reg $19.99) Save 70% on this 2 pack of seat belt safety harness in black, nylon fabric, 16-27 inch adjustable, for either dog or cat.




Put a little spring in every stride with the adidas® Springblade Pro. 6pm has adidas Springblade Pro for $59.99 (Reg $130).

The ultralightweight polymer blades are tuned and angled to absorb impacting shock to propel you forward with every stride.